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Post by Karina Rouge on Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:11 pm

Name: Karina Rouge
Age: 21/75
Species: Vampire
Alliance: Neutral
Country of Origin: Greece

Ability: Karina has the ability of self preservation. She can sense when she or one of her coven mates are in danger and knows where to go to avoid said danger. Her ability acts mainly as instinct and cannot simply be stopped. Due to her ability she is considerably much faster than any normal vampire.

Looks: Karina is shorter with reddish brown hair. She has red eyes that are very prominent. She has pale skin like any normal vampire and she has a very curvy figure.

Personality: Karina is very careful about what she does. Due to her ability she does not want to be in any situation that would put her or her coven in danger. She feels as if she is responsible for the safety of her coven. When someone does threaten her or her family she automatically becomes defensive and is ready to attack the offender even though it's against her nature to endanger herself.

Who you were turned by: Random vampire.

History: Karina was a very shy girl during her mortal life. She often hid from everyone because her parents abused her terribly. She stayed hidden most of her life only coming out when her brother was in trouble. After a while she decided that she and her brother needed to run away.

Upon trying to leave Karina's brother was killed by her father. Karina wanted to go back for him but her instincts and ability caused her to flee because she could feel that there could be potential harm to her. After many years as a nomad she became aware of her abilities and she was better able to control them. Soon she ran across Rebecca and decided that she would prefer her way of life drinking animal blood.
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Post by Anastasia Dante on Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:37 am

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