Grounded for life. Owwww!!!

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Grounded for life. Owwww!!! Empty Grounded for life. Owwww!!!

Post by Thana Semele on Thu Mar 19, 2015 3:11 am

Thana left the bickerings and talks and every damn tribe member at Carlos's house. She felt sick, and amazingly was paler then usual. Her sign she was sick. She knew once all of this commotion died down she was going to be in a hell of a lot of trouble . Thana hadn't spotted Koko inside so tried taking the back exit and walked outside. It was nightfall. Luckily she guessed. Hopefully she would be able to slip away, go back to her house . Remove the venom , bandage herself up and come back for her gruelling tomorrow. Hopefully . The venom had spread all over her right shoulder, turning it a dark colour with her veins going black with the venom.

Outside Thana thought she was safe from Koko's anger. She was still hurting emotionally from their last fight and didn't really want another one. For breaking the rules she knew she had to get a physical punishment as she was one of the Warriors, but hoped she could get away and heal before coming back and getting it. It seemed fate wasn't in her favour though .
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