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I'm home ... And Uhh... Here. ( invite )  Empty I'm home ... And Uhh... Here. ( invite )

Post by Thana Semele on Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:32 am

Finally, Thana's plane landed at the airport and Thana got Jared her pilot to drive them to Forks. Thana was in the front, the small boy asleep on the back of her car. Her shoulder stung, she already knew it was going black from the venom . She didn't have much time before she damn well started fainting. She just hoped she would be able to deal with it. Her body took a lot more venom nowadays, but the delayed removal of the venom made it painful. " We are here Miss Thana ." Jared her driver said, pulling up at Carlos's house. " Thank you I have him from here ." Thana answered, getting out of the car , picking the small boys bag up and picked the boy up bridal style and carried him inside. No doubt Carlos would be waiting to flog her, then after that the elders then Koko. She didn't want to hear it from any of them though , and gave Josh a warning look to shut the hell up as she carried the sleeping boy in and put him on the couch. The same couch she had cried into Koko's arms over. Oh well the circle was complete .

Everyone looked at her as she put the boy down, " Carlos he asked to come here. Said you could help." Thana said simply, giving no other explanation as to where it why she went.
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