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Post by Rebecca Charleston on Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:19 pm

Name: Rebecca Charleston
Age: 25 (but looks like 17)
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Alliance: Charleston's Coven.
Country of Origin: England.

Ability: She can read minds of people around her by 5 meters most. She have gained control of her ability by now. She also can make pain to people or even animals if she wants. It can last until she wants. But she doesn't like to use it much.

Looks: Rebecca has blonde long hair. And blue eyes you can say. She is quite slim. She also in avearge height. Becca likes to wear dresses most of times and high heels to look taller.

Personality: Rebecca is nice and sweet girl. Even if there was time when she wasn't it since she couldn't control herself and her powers. So she wasn't nicest person back then when she was turned. Now she can control them and she is so nice as possible. Girl is also quite smart and brave. She doesn't let people in her heart easy since she doesn't trust people very easily. To gain her true trust is hard.

Who you were turned by: Girl doesn't know the name of person who turned her. She saw that person first time ever and after that she has never seen him.

History: Rebecca was only child in her family. She had to lovely parents who did take care of her and loved her. She had everything what she wanted. Good friends, nice home, lovely parents. But it all was taken away when she was 17 years old. Her parents was killed and she was turned to be vampire.

After that her creator dissapeared from her life she wasn't the nicest person anymore. She couldn't control her powers so she did hurt many people without knowing at first. But after year she began to control it already by little. And after years practise she was able to control her bloodlust and also abilities. When she was 23 she decided not to drink blood from humans anymore. She just uses bloodpacks or then drinks from animals. She has never been in any covens and now decided to her own.
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Rebbeca Charleston.  Empty Re: Rebbeca Charleston.

Post by Anastasia Dante on Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:38 am

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