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Nerdy and I know it. ( Artemis ) Empty Nerdy and I know it. ( Artemis )

Post by Thana Semele on Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:50 am

Math. Finally. About damn time she had some math, true Red loved Science but sometimes she wanted to do more then that and so was actually glad for maths. She walked in and sat down, unfortunately the only free desk was next to and with a blonde guy. She didn't really mind though and simply handed her note to the teacher and sat down and pulled out her book. Taking the paper the teacher handed out and looked at it. Easy. Almost boring. Thana sat quietly and only half listened to the teacher, she had heard all of this before. It was the same old stuff. Pulling out a black pen and writing with her left hand Thana didn't even bother with using her calculator. This was only equations, literally child's play. After around fifteen minutes into an hour long lesson she was done and simply sat. Her papers in front of her for the teacher she looked ahead at the board.
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