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Post by Gigi Hinson on Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:40 pm

Name:Gigi Hinson
Age:he guesses about 5 or 6 but he noticed he isn't aging anywhere near as fast or much so you'd have to ask the gyspies how long they had him
Species: Hybrid ~admin approved by anastasia~
Alliance: Neutral
Country of Origin:unknown a band of gyspsies picked his baby bundle up somewhere

Ability: Dream Manipulation

Looks: He normally has blackish brown hair. Blackish dark jade green eyes. Now and again he does silly things like messes his hair until it has all sorts of style spikey looks and dies it pale shades of blond or silver almost platinium. He has a paler mocha type skin tone. His canine teeth where most have normal are pointed at the tips and slightly elongated. When angered his eyes change colors a bit. Really pretty colors.

Personality: Gigi has an entrancing and mysterious air to him at times. Though whether its part of his mysterious background or merely the way of the gypsy upbringing is unclear. He can be highly social if he wants to but tends to be more into puzzles or various other things except people. That seems to be a more recent trait due to everyone he knows is dead. He can be happy go lucky or extremely emo with various situations. He has an oddly observant and intelligent nature that sometimes comes out playful or mischievious. Being raised by gypsies he has a free and intuitive outlook on life. He can also be sneaky and cunning due to the same upbringing. He is honest but he can spin you a story that would make a madman believe its truth.

Who you were turned by: he was conceived but unlike the last time a hybrid baby was actually born his mother didn't survive child birth. His father had an emergency surgery done to remove the baby...fully developed and healthy...before he hit the last month of the pregnancy. his father vanished and his mother who was human is dead.

History: His father was an unknown vampire who was rumoredly part of the Volturi. His mother, a simple human girl, met his father and fell madly in love with him at first site. His mother was nothing more than a food source and a plaything for his father before she shockingly ended up pregnant. The likelihood the child would live was marginally slim but still his father stuck around and acted the role of the doting father to be. His mother however began having complications during the end of her eighth month of pregnancy His father in hopes to save the baby's life had his coven members help surgically remove the baby. The baby was deemed healthy despite a month early and fully developed. The human woman died mere seconds later before anything could be done for her.

The coven and his father vanished from the scene after burning the woman's corpse. Mishap befell them as they were attacked by a shfiter pack and allies against the volturi. His father managed to get the baby to a safe point and what happened next remains a mystery. The father was later killed with the rest of the original volturi. The baby was found by a traveling gypsy caravan and was taken in. When they vanished in the night with their travels so did the mysterious hybrid they picked up. The gypsy elder was a vampire old and nuetral vampiress who knew the risks of taking such a child in and did so anyways.

He grew up with them for years. Aging much slower and knowing that there was things called covens and that he was different. The gypsies taught him their trade and skills. Their language and a handful of others. One day the caravan was attacked by a group of feral werewolves and they scattered to the winds. The gypsy woman with him ended up falling prey to danger and gigi vanished into the night. Safe but rattled and completely alone. Lost in a place in the world and having no idea where he was. He is trying to find the other branch of the gyspies he was traveling with.
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Post by Anastasia Dante on Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:02 pm

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