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Post by Kokonaho Windfeather on Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:53 pm

Name:Kokonaho Windfeather
Species:Skinwalker ~ A large wolf that hits dire sizes and is the color of the moon
Alliance: Neutral...only truly loyal to the pack, the tribe trinity (three tribes make up their branch of indian)
Country of Origin:United States

Ability: {Only vampires, give a detailed account of what you ability does. Admins retain the right to accept and or decline powers.}

Has long black hair that is generally down. At times braided or just in a simple ponytail. He wears cowboy outfits or traditional native america. Open shirts or none at all are frequently seen with him. His eyes seem to stare straight into your soul or ask you to come hither.

Personality: He is really serious most times. Generally when it comes to maintaining order or being a stern yet merciful and kind leader. He is really kind and gentle at heart but when it comes to his enemy there isn't a fiercer opponent. Deep into the beliefs of his ancestors he is a righteous and just man. Accepting and more open minded than most. With a strong hatred for most if not all vampires. Even so he'd give them the benefit of the doubt...at first. He is also filled with a slight smartass or sarcastic streak. Tending to come off easy going or not serious one somethings. When it comes to close calls he tends to laugh them off. His sense of humor is easily describes as...abnormal.

Who you were turned by: {Applies only for vampires.}

History: His ancestors were born and raised on the soils of the american lands. The very people whose world would one day be shattered by the paleskin foreigners. Many of his people adapted and others managed to keep ahold of their beliefs as well as fit in modern society. The tale of skinwalkers or shifters as the paleskins call them was one he heard from his father. Who heard it from his father. He grew up soaking up the tales from the elders of their reservations. Traveling to hear stories all over. He went to school with the paleskins and had quite a few friends. When it came down to it though he was always his people first.

This grew more severe when his paleskin friend Salvana was murdered by other paleskins...these the color of alabaster...whiter than snow. Vampires you could call them. After that he was determined to never make friends outside the native american tribes. He vanished into training for years and none save his tribe and reservation saw him or spent time with him. He stayed in touch with the pack. Training with them. Running with them. Their pack not just wolves but any shifter. He has come home due to the ailing health of his mother. Often found riding his horse he raised since it was born. Or doing work around the reservation.
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Post by Xavier Cullen on Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:30 am

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