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Jack Lambert (Thanks alot XD) Empty Jack Lambert (Thanks alot XD)

Post by Jack Lambert on Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:34 pm

Name: Jack Lambert
Species: Vampire
Alliance: Volturi
Country of Origin:Britain

Ability: Can cause immense pain by maintaining eye contact.

Looks: Jack is pale and has Blood Red eyes. His hair is choppy and deep Black. He as a slender but still muscular body type, averaging out at about 6 feet in height.

Personality: Jack is loyal to the Volturi and them alone. He has a dark personality, enjoying the pain he causes others. He sees woman as mere tools, things he can use for his own pleasure before he throws away. Especially human girls. Vampires he tends to form more connections with. He has few friends and prefers it that way. He craves battle and war, and wants nothing else than the end to the Cullen breed.

Who you were turned by: Anastasia Dante

History: Jack had no point to life when he was a mere human. He was a solider in training in England. Nothing too special. He however, had an unusual love for causing pain to others. This gained him favor amongst some of the officers, while lost him favor amongst others.

It all ended when he was attacked by a Vampire. When he thought he had died, he started to feel the burn. 3 days later he had emerged a full blown Vampire. The One who had changed him turned out to be a Volturi, and took him in as one of her guard. He quickly learned of his power to harm others, and has reveled in it ever since...
Jack Lambert
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