Xavier? (Ana)

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Xavier? (Ana) Empty Xavier? (Ana)

Post by Lucifer Edwards on Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:20 am

Lucifer had got the track on Xavier again. He smiled slightly as he felt that something had made him come out something big. He had been very elusive even for him and his ability but he knew that he was in Forks again. Though he was not sure for how long the man seemed to move around a lot and get out of his sense some how. He still was not sure how he did that though he was going to make sure not to lose him this time. He was sitting on his chair thinking on how to make his move when he heard the door open he didn't look up as he knew who it was. He just continued to concentrate as it was sense was weak but he knew he had the man. He wondered what was going on to bring him out of hiding but he just smirked slightly.
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Xavier? (Ana) Empty Re: Xavier? (Ana)

Post by Anastasia Dante on Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:40 am

Ana had been bored recently and she decided to check in on Lucifer and see what progress he ahd made with Xavier. It was quite useful, the ablity that Lucifer had. She walked into the room that Lucifer was currently occupying. As she entered the male did not even acknowledge her presence. She growled slightly in irritation at her brother for ignoring her. Anastasia did not take kindly to being ignored. "Lucifer..." Ana trailed off allowing him to pay attention to her.
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