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Name: Anastasia Dante
Age: 17/1013
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Alliance: Volturi
Country of Origin: France

Ability: Anastasia has the ability to see the bonds between people, she also has the ability to break down and build up bonds between people. Her power cannot affect mate bonds and the more bonded people are the harder she has to work at breaking them down.

Looks: Anastasia has porcelain skin and flaming curly red hair to go with her deep red eyes. She stands at approximately 5'7". She has a feral feline look about her that gives her a dangerous quality.

Personality: Ana feels the need to keep order as a duty to her fallen creator Marcus. She believes that people who break the law have to be punished accordingly. She can come off as sadistic at times due to her extremely irritable nature. She does not believe that the Cullen Coven can obey the rules an plans to wipe them out if necessary. Overall she is viewed as calm and collected.

Who you were turned by: Marcus of the former Volturi leaders.

History: Ana was a simple daughter of a French teacher and banker. She was constantly alone and often turned to running away as a solution. She had a sense that her parents were very closely bonded and did not care for her as much as they cared about each other. After running away time and time again and her parents sending search parties after her she felt loved just a tiny bit. One night as she ran away there was no search party, there was no one. As she went back to her house she found no one but one of their maids, she told Ana that her parents had left and left her behind to help Ana. The maid told her that they left plenty of money for them and that she would stay with Ana as long as she needed her.

Ana had moved out of the house and stayed at a hotel for a very long while, after a while she met what she assumed was a very nice man. In truth the man was harsh and cruel, he beat Ana and her maid constantly. One night while walking home from an event a man approached them. The man was tall and seemed to have a cloud of depression hanging over him, as if he would never be happy again. There was a kindness in his eyes that sparked something in Ana. He greeted them and said that his name was Marcus. Marcus asked to speak with Ana, her husband grudgingly agreed. Marcus told her that he could give her power, power to get away from her husband and leave this place. Ana readily agreed and was more than happy to leave.

Marcus then said that he would have to talk to his brother and then he would be back to collect her the next night. Ana agreed and left quickly with her husband, she gave her maid all her money and told her to leave quickly. The next night, true to his word, Marcus appeared with two other hauntingly beautiful men. They told her about the Volturi and about what they were there for, when Ana agreed they took her back to Volterra and changed her. After ten years of being stuck in the walls of Volterra Ana learned of Marcus, Aro, and Caius' deaths. Ana then took over what was remaining of the Volturi and has enforced the law ever since.
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