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Post by Celia Crowley on Sun Jan 25, 2015 2:10 pm

Name: Celia Crowley
Age: 2000 (was turned when she was 13)
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Alliance: Neutral
Country of Origin: Ireland

Ability: Celia has the ability to control the elements all though she doesn't know how to control it so when she gets scared of upset it will more bits of the earth or the lake or something of nature. When she gets angry fire will form around her. Since no one ever trained her she has no clue how to use it. She can sometimes form a small little ball of water or fire. But other then that she doesn't have control.

Looks: Celia has soft blonde hair that goes just past her shoulders and she sometimes dyes it different colors like a strip of pink or something like that. Celia has pale blue eyes that look sad a lot of the time. She has pale skin like any vampire would but it sometimes look like its more of a tanned pale in some light. She isn't short but she does have the body of a 13 year old.

Personality: Celia is a happy girl always running around and wishing she had a family. She never really joined a clan because she was scared that they would kick her out for being so little. So she just watches the Cullens smiling of how much they seem like a family. She always wanted a family. She sticks to herself a lot mainly hiding away near lakes and flower fields.

Who you were turned by: Alice Cullen

History: When Celia was 13 her mother had died of cancer and her father abused her so the girl never knew what it was like to have a family. She was wandering the streets when her father found her and smacked her for being out so late Celia cried out for help. Alice for whatever reason was in Ireland and heard her. She ran and saw the father and snapped his neck she then saw that Celia was barely breathing cause her father hit her chest to hard and one of her lungs had collapsed. She then took the only thing that she thought of and changed the girl. But she didn't take her back with her she brought her to a abandoned house by a lake and left.

Celia woke up and whimpered at pain and everything as such. She was thirsting and hungry so she went out and she couldn't stop herself from drinking someones blood. But she didn't mean to and so she ran. She would stop every while when she got hungry again. But she didn't care when she got to forks she stopped and stuck around.

She now knows she can drink animal blood from watching the Cullens do it so many times. She now drinks it but doesn't drink to much so no one ever figures out she is there. She knows about werewolf's but doesn't go near them. She mainly hides away but has always wanted a family but is to scared to go talk to anyone so she lives on her own in the woods wandering around since she doesn't sleep.
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Post by Anastasia Dante on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:38 pm

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