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Coven Application Empty Coven Application

Post by Anastasia Dante on Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:00 pm

[b]Coven Title:[/b] Title of the coven you are creating

[b]Coven Location:[/b] Location of the coven

[b]Coven Leader:[/b] Name of the leader of the coven

[b]Goals:[/b] Goals of the coven. Please put at least one

[b]Restrictions:[/b] Are there any restrictions? Are there rules that the members must uphold of the coven? Are there restrictions as to who can join the coven, and can exceptions be made?

[b]Current Members:[/b] Name all of the members in a list format please. Do [u]not[/u] list more than five at the current time please, exempting Cullen and Volturi
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