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Post by Carlos Black on Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:28 pm

Name:Carlos Richard Black
Species: Shifter - Black Panther
Alliance: Neutral
Country of Origin: London England

Ability: N/A

Looks: Hair: Blonde and slightly wavy. Eyes: Crystal blue, Skin: Fair, Height: 6'3

Personality: Carlos is rather sweet and compassionate towards the one he loves. To most he seems rather closed off and a loner he doesn't really want to make the first move. He prefers to spend his time in a forest or in a library.

Who you were turned by: {Applies only for vampires.}

History: Carlos has spent several years denying what he was. He didn't want to be what his parents were he hated the idea of turning into an animal. However that all changed when it turned out that he was able to protect a child from being taken away from some human traffickers. He now has embraced who he is and has joined his family's clan.

Lately Carlos has not agreed with what his clan says and has set off on his own. He wants to find his own path besides he didn't look like them anyways for he was only half native the other half was French though he was born in England. Finding his own path in America was the most exciting feeling finally he was free. To do what he wanted to do and what seemed right in his mind.
Carlos Black
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Post by Mia Fiorini on Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:30 am

ACCEPTED! Very Happy

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