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Post by Victoria La Croix on Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:28 pm

Name: Victoria Cordelia La Croix
Age: 180(Turned at Twenty)
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Alliance: Volturi
Country of Origin: Lyon, France

Ability: Seducing/ Hypnotising People by staring in their eyes

Looks: Tori has long, blond hair, and piercing crimson eyes. She is quite tall, around 5'8, and has a very curvy body. Her long legs, and her looks in general make her an eye candy for most men. She has full, pale lips, and a charming smile

Personality: Tori is cold and cruel. She doesn't like humans, and avoids them as much as possible, except when she is hungry. She is a bitch, of some sort, and likes things going her way. She had a very short temper, and can break your neck if she wishes to.

Her looks might make her seem really sweet, but she can be deadly. She is very seductive and alluring on her own, but when using her powers, she is a true temptation.

Who you were turned by: Jane

History: Victoria was friends with Jane, when she was young. Jane had never told her anything about the Volturi, or the fact that she was a Vampire. She found ways of hiding that around her.

They spent most of their time together, and became good friends. Tori loved Jane as a sister, and Jane couldn't leave without her Best Friend.
Though one day, when she was returning home from her job, Victoria was murdered by a serial killer. Jane was supposed to meet her half way, when she smelt the blood.

Jane couldn't let her die, so she changed her, knowing that she was now doomed.
Of course, Victoria was turned, but instead of hating Jane, she thanked her for the power she had given her.

She joined the Volturi, and now rules alongside with Anastasia and Jack.
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Post by Mia Fiorini on Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:50 pm


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