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Post by Xavier Cullen on Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:54 pm

Name: Xavier Ricardo Cullen
Age: 933 Turned at 21
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Alliance: Olympic Coven
Country of Origin: America

Ability: Pathokinesis: Can feel the emotions of others around him and manipulate them according to his will, to a lesser extent telepathy: can hear other's thoughts  whether human or vampire. Sometimes hear multiple voices at one time which causes him to have a headache.  (Admin approved)

Looks: Long wavy brown hair usually pulled back into a ponytail or left loose around his shoulders. Slightly pigmented skin more then most vampires. Almost glowing green eyes that change to black when angry.

Personality: Usually cheerful and calm however you don't want to get him angry. When he is angry he has the tendency to blow everything out of proportion and it is hard to calm him down until he settles himself. He is a natural born leader though tends to not let it show and let other members of his coven lead from time to time. Though it is obvious that he is in charge.

Who you were turned by: Carlisle Cullen

History: At the age of twenty one Xavier fell off a building and was found barely breathing by Carlisle. knowing that there was only one way to save Xavier Carlisle changed him and trained him personally for several years until Xavier left the coven only to return three hundred years after where he found his spot again next to Carlisle as second in command. None of the other Cullen's knew of Xavier until he showed up on their door step begging for sanctuary.

Carlisle immediately recognized Xavier and beckoned him to enter. Xavier was on the run from the Volturi his crime creating an army though this is not known information and barely escaped. He was not excepted by the others at first who did not understand that he truly was part of the Cullen coven though he left to try and live on his own.

A hundred years back Xavier was given the title of coven head when Carlisle failed to return home after a hunt. This did not go over well with most of the coven members so they left to join other covens. Leaving Xavier to have to start from scratch though he did have a handful of the former members for the time being.

A couple years into his reign of coven leader he was out hunting when he heard something and went to see what it was. When he was hundred yards back he immediately saw another vampire torturing and about to feed on a poor soul. Without thinking he rushed in and pulled her off the poor fool who got himself stuck in the mess. He killed her and then turned to the man inspected his injuries for several minutes before he knew that there was no hope for him unless he changed him. After he was given consent Xavier without hesitation changed the man his first.

He then took the poor man still not knowing his name into his house where he layed him on a bed to rest while his body began to change from human to vampire. Xavier kept a close watch on David to make sure that nothing was going wrong. When he finally woke up Xavier explained that he was part of his coven and his brother by venom. He also told him that being part of the coven he was never to drink human blood.

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Post by Mia Fiorini on Thu Jan 30, 2014 11:11 pm

Accepted! Smile

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