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Post by David Cullen on Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:30 pm

Name: David Cullen (Nee Shuter)
Age: 18 when he was turned, but is now 98
Gender: Male
Alliance: Olympic Coven
Country of Origin: Canada

Ability: Storm control. he can creat or disapait a storm at will, he can also control where lightning strikes, and it also does not effect him if it strikes him, which is a good defense when he is pinned.

Looks: He has Brown hair, green eyes, he is lean, but was still strong before he was changed (which makes him stronger than some vampires now) he is 6'5.

Personality: David is a kind but protective person. If you threaten his loved ones, you will not live to tell the tale, since he is deadly when angered. In public, he can be very reclusive, until he actually is forced to meet someone. Blood still bothers him terribly, which is why he tries not to interact with humans. He does not want to be a monster, which is what he thinks himself as.

Who you were turned by: Xavier Cullen

History: David was an insecure teen, going through school in the backround. which is why he was surprised when a pale, sexy girl started showing interest in him, talking to him, flirting, even asking him out. he said yes of course, and spent the next month in heaven, untill this woman, Briana, told him it was time to take it to the next level.

He, not knowing she was anything dangerous, thought she meant making love, so he allowed her to take him out into the forest. They made out, and began to strip eachother, when she started getting violent. she threw him at a tree, broke his arms and legs, his back, and multiple other bones. he was bleeding from multiple wounds, and she was finally about to start drinking him to put him out of his misery, when a blur came out of no where and attacked Briana, they fought, and he killed her. He turned on David. by now David had made out they must be some sort of vampireish people. he read alot of books and believed such things where possible. Xavier inspected his wounds, and muttered about him not being able to heal them..unless he changed David. David had agreed to let him change him, because David did not want to die young.

after his three days of changing, he awoke in an old house, with Xavier by his side. he then explained everything, that David was part of his coven now, his brother by venom. David then nodded, agreeing to never drink human blood, for as he did not want to be a monster. he then spent the next 98 years by Xaviers side, his best friend, and brother, through thick and thin.

OCC note: more detailed vampiric history will be made as more Cullens join the Forum
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Post by Anastasia Dante on Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:34 pm

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