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Post by Anastasia Dante on Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:03 pm

The world has been different for quite some time now. After Edward and Bella along with the allied forces had their showdown with the Volturi things only got worse. Wars started to occur between the Olympic coven and their allies against the Volturi. After many years of fighting and carnage the Volturi knew that they would eventually all be wiped out along with the Olympic Coven. The Volturi began to create new vampires in secrecy to run their legacy even after their death. The Olympic Coven feeling much the same created their new generation as well. With the old Volturi and Cullen family dead, a new generation of vampires have come to reign. At the lead of the newly reformed Volturi is Anastasia Dante along with her coven members who have swore to uphold the old laws as they were made many years ago. The new generation of Cullens are not to eager to bow to the Volturi or their rules. They wish to create an army and overthrow the Volturi in their newly found power. The new generation of shifters have also joined the fray. Only now there are shifters all over the world, many of which have pledged their allegiances to both the Volturi and the Cullens. The question is which side will you choose?
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